Rustic Restaurants

Last month I found myself in a similar restaurant in two different states. Deja Vu.


While working on a new listing in Venice, at lunch time I googled a nearby place to eat. I was directed back toward Interstate 75 and instructed to take a turn down a dirt road that did not look like a road to a restaurant.  After I nearly lost my shocks in a combination of potholes, I pulled over and asked the truck driver passing me, “Is there a restaurant down there”?


“Straight ahead, you’re almost there”.


One eye on potholes and the other on the beautiful homes, I finally arrived at the Myakka River and Snook Haven.


A quick bite of the BBQ special and walk around the grounds convinced me to revisit with a group of friends to kayak and dine.


Fast forward two weeks and I am now on Lake Tahoe celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday. Who better to ask where to take her for lunch tomorrow but Captain Clark.


So again, I found myself traveling roads unknown up and down the mountains in an unfamiliar little rental car.  Are we there yet? Even the GPS wasn’t working up in the mountains 100% of the time, and after 45 minutes I began to wonder. Over the creek and turn left and we arrived.


This time on a more leisurely schedule we explored the paths and admired the fauna.  Again, I ordered the house special, a bowl, not a cup of Mountain Stew.


This Camp is suited for the cyclist, naturalist and fly fisherman a great place for lunch, but I’ll stay at Harvey’s again.