How Much Good Outweighs the Bad?

One Tuesday morning at our weekly company meeting, Michael Saunders asked the question “How many good things have to happen to outweigh one bad?” I thought about what had happened recently that was not good, and then what good was happening in my life at that moment, I knew the answer…it was THREE! Well, I was right. Unbeknownst to me, I actually remain optimistic by reminding myself of what good is happening.


This weekend was a perfect example – Graduation, Mothers Day, family in town, boyfriend present…it was going to be a great weekend. And then came the not so good things.


The beach front VRBO rental was not kept in the best shape and a disappointment, but doable for most of us. I’m guessing the view, free morning coffee, gym, and three beds/three baths outweighed the lack of TV or wi-fi, smelly drains, spotted furniture, etc.


The Graduation was marvelous. After a hair-raising shuttle ride to the auditorium, we sat on bleachers as our grad was 148th out of 150 to receive her Degree in Law. Then off to prepare for the Graduation Party. Not only did the Grad pass all her finals, she also ordered Publix’s Platters for 30.


“Mom, can you pick them up? They are paid for.”


Sure, that’s the least I can do coming down from Tampa. Pick up is 2 pm, party is at 3. A little tight in my mind but ok, I call the store to get the address. Deli department, can you give me the address, Hold, xxx Brickell, thank you, can you check on the order for D Schwabe, long hold, yes we have it, great I’ll be there at 2.


GPS the address, arrive at two to discover the deli is still working on it and the seafood guy has been on vacation for a week, so they will start on that platter right away, and no they are not paid for. In the interim text from D the grad, can you pick up 10 bags of ice, lemons, limes, water and glasses?


Sure, why not –  I’m here. Phone call from grandma waiting in the car, “where are you?” Hurry load the car, rushing out through the parking lot, the cheese tray says “see ya later” and slides off onto the pavement. No problem, they will make another while the 10 bags of ice are keeping grandma cool in the back seat of the little sewing machine rental car. We arrived a mere 30 min after 3. Good food, good people, happy graduate way outweighs the hassle.


Well, that takes you to Saturday. I will let you use your imagination for the remainder of the weekend. What I know for sure is “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.