It Never Fails

Just when you are about to go on vacation, the people you have been showing property to, sending e-mails to and working with for months and some even years, are now ready to buy.


There is never a good time to take ten days off (or even one) in real estate, but with my daughter’s graduation and a wedding in St Martin, I headed south, just when two clients decided to make offers. I managed to get one under contract while still in the state and the other while working from a little hotel lobby in Grand Case.


Technology is amazing. The online program that Michael Saunders & Co. uses is called Authenisign. It allows you to send secure documents to an e-mail address for the recipient’s signature. This is accepted in most cases for real estate transactions in Sarasota, all but the seller’s final signature that transfers the deed must be notarized. I have actually never met some of my sellers in person, so rest assured it can be done quickly, efficiently and stress-free.


While on the subject of electronic transfers, I would like to make all who read this aware of a current problem with wire transfers. This is the form of payment that closing agents and banks prefer to move money at closing. Do not mistake it for a money transfer where you can move your money yourself from account to account. A wire transfer uses specific routing and account numbers that your closing agent provides you. Exercise caution when you receive these instructions – pick up the phone and confirm with the closing agent that they came from your transaction.


Switching hats now, I am off to complete escrow deposit verifications, inspections, repair request and walk through for my happy buyers. Thanks for reading and please share, and always know that I am never too busy for you and your referrals.