Irma and I


Let’s skip the ten days prior to Irma’s arrival and right before she turned into Naples.


Thursday was a quick trip to fill 12 pillow cases with Sand. My daughter helped move all the furniture into the house then off she went to her dads in Tampa.Friday started with a A.C. Maintenance appointment at a listing on Siesta Key. The wind was picking up but the sun was still shining. Noon or so came the voluntary Zone A evacuation for the keys and trailer parks. I am on the Key so I started packing.


Saturday started a mandatory evacuation by 3pm so I headed over to a friends that is also in A Zone but at 13 feet elevation versus my 3 foot.


We boarded up the house brought everything in and agreed we would move to the school shelter where she worked as a nurse in the morning.


Nine am we arrived at the school just as it started to rain. A quick stroll around the school found every one, approximately 1,000 people hunkered down in there own little spot. With a total of four pregnant girls everyone was happy to see the School nurse had arrived. Things went smoothly and were very organized we even attended Church service that morning in the Cafeteria.


By 5pm the electricity went out, by seven one girl was having contractions. 911 informed us the winds were to0 high and they would come when they could. A quick YouTube refresher on delivering babies confirmed the baby comes, when the baby is ready. After a couple of hours in the clinic the contractions stopped and mom returned to the rest of the family.


The gymnasium had a few leaks running down the wall but the Clinic had a waterfall come through the ceiling. National Guard to the rescue! Wham Bam they had the clinic cleared out, the leak detected and under control in no time.


After a quick nap on the blow up mattress we were packing up the car again and heading back home by 9am Monday. Good Bye Irma!