Happy Birthday, Boomer

I love referrals and I am never too busy for you and yours. A past tenant of mine recently referred me to one of his students from Minneapolis. Chris had stayed with me a couple of seasons in a row and apparently has quite the following at Bikram Yoga Sarasota. Both husband and wife praised … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Boomer

What Kind of Offer May Sway a Seller?

After a recent offer was not accepted over another, my buyer asked, “What would a seller prefer to see in an offer?” Each and every sale is different so there is no easy answer, but some choices may not be as important to you as they are to the seller. So when making an offer put … Continue reading What Kind of Offer May Sway a Seller?

The Newlywed Game

A recent phone call in the middle of the week came from a buyer that had found a condo he was ready to buy, until he learned of the rental restrictions. There were others he was interested in and asked if I could show them to him and his fiancée in an hour.   Just … Continue reading The Newlywed Game

A Day in the Life of a Realtor

Included in this blog you will see Sarasota through the eyes of an ambitious, tenacious, optimistic Realtor (me!). Most things in my life revolve around obtaining information about my business, and I see an opportunity in most things –  such as local news and events, and how it affects you as a resident. Or attractions … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Realtor

Sarasota County Fun Facts

Sarasota County Has:   1 % Growth Rate 7300 New Residents each year 2000 more Deaths than Births Where are new residents coming from? Manatee & Charlotte County, Akron & Chicago Statewide comparisons Sarasota has #1 Library System the 2nd Lowest Millage Rate, #1 Rowing Venue & #1 Drinking Water Sarasota County received 200,000 calls … Continue reading Sarasota County Fun Facts

Benefits Of Filing Homestead Exemption

By filing for homestead exemption, you are entitled to a deduction of $25,000 off of your property’s assessed value. This can result in saving several hundred dollars in taxes! If your home is worth at least $75,000 you will receive an additional $25,000 deduction on your property’s assessed value.   You may also qualify for … Continue reading Benefits Of Filing Homestead Exemption

How Much Equity Do You Have?

The basic determining factor of wealth.  How wealthy are you?   The proof is in the numbers and the numbers change every day.   Click Link Below to find out more:   Do You Know How Much Equity You Have In Your Home? You May Be Surprised!   To determine your home’s Equity and Liquidity … Continue reading How Much Equity Do You Have?

Siesta Key Condos in Sunny Sarasota Florida

Siesta Key Condos in Sunny Sarasota Florida Siesta Key features cool quartz crystal sand that looks and feels like sparkly powered sugar.   Explore miles of unobstructed views of the Gulf of Mexico. Recreation opportunities include boating, fishing, kayaking,   parasailing, snorkeling, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and paddle boarding.   Discover Siesta Village with its eclectic … Continue reading Siesta Key Condos in Sunny Sarasota Florida

Buyers begin shopping online.

The internet is the 1st stop for 41% of homebuyers.  Jump around compare properties in the same price range it’s never been easier.  2nd step develop a rapor with YOUR realitor share your likes and needs.  Be loyal and together you will find the perfect dream home.

Why waiting to buy may cost you more.

  1. Federal Reserve policies are changing, which will move rates up for the long-term. Without getting into heavy economics, the Fed has been buying a high volume of mortgage-backed securities, which has kept rates low. They’ve indicated they will be easing away from that activity this fall or even earlier, which means private investors … Continue reading Why waiting to buy may cost you more.