On your mark, Get set, Wait to Remodel your Kitchen

Welcome to my personal journey of choosing to remodel my 1951 Beach Bungalow. Six years ago, my landlord approached me to purchase the home I had just moved all my stuff into that she now wanted to sell. Of course, I didn’t want to move again, and I loved the LOCATION. So with much contemplation … Continue reading On your mark, Get set, Wait to Remodel your Kitchen

2018 Red Tide News

  When you live, work and breath during Red Tide in Sarasota you try to redirect your energy.  You spending more time indoors tidying up loose ends, meeting friends at the UTC Mall for lunch or walking around downtown after dinner instead of on the beach.  Or, take a vacation like I just did and … Continue reading 2018 Red Tide News

Irma and I

  Let’s skip the ten days prior to Irma’s arrival and right before she turned into Naples.   Thursday was a quick trip to fill 12 pillow cases with Sand. My daughter helped move all the furniture into the house then off she went to her dads in Tampa.Friday started with a A.C. Maintenance appointment … Continue reading Irma and I

Rustic Restaurants

Last month I found myself in a similar restaurant in two different states. Deja Vu.   While working on a new listing in Venice, at lunch time I googled a nearby place to eat. I was directed back toward Interstate 75 and instructed to take a turn down a dirt road that did not look … Continue reading Rustic Restaurants

Sale of the Buyer’s Property

Three times this month I have added an addendum to a purchase offer that included the “sale of the buyer’s property”. Typically, agents and sellers would rather wait for an offer without this potential deal breaker, but if presented well it works.   The first was an out of town buyer looking to relocation to … Continue reading Sale of the Buyer’s Property

Credit at Closing or Closing Cost Credit

The seller is giving you a credit. Whether it is for an old water heater, or for the broken sliding doors and sticking windows that he doesn’t want to bother to fix. If the purchase is in cash, we write up an addendum with the credit amount. Both parties sign and it is given to the … Continue reading Credit at Closing or Closing Cost Credit

Why Use a Local Lender?

With the current rates, the number of financed homes are increasing. Why not use other people’s money, and what difference does it make where the Lender is?   When working with a client I try to prepare them for the transaction and let them know what to expect. So when working with a buyer that … Continue reading Why Use a Local Lender?

It Never Fails

Just when you are about to go on vacation, the people you have been showing property to, sending e-mails to and working with for months and some even years, are now ready to buy.   There is never a good time to take ten days off (or even one) in real estate, but with my … Continue reading It Never Fails

How Much Good Outweighs the Bad?

One Tuesday morning at our weekly company meeting, Michael Saunders asked the question “How many good things have to happen to outweigh one bad?” I thought about what had happened recently that was not good, and then what good was happening in my life at that moment, I knew the answer…it was THREE! Well, I … Continue reading How Much Good Outweighs the Bad?

Act Like a Tourist

West Florida has more sights to see than I will ever get around to, but my membership in the Sarasota Camera Club has given me an excuse to visit some of our local treasures.   Back in High School in Kansas City, Mo. I elected to take photography, more for the fact it was at … Continue reading Act Like a Tourist