Act Like a Tourist

West Florida has more sights to see than I will ever get around to, but my membership in the Sarasota Camera Club has given me an excuse to visit some of our local treasures.


Back in High School in Kansas City, Mo. I elected to take photography, more for the fact it was at Ruskin High the rival school down the road than to learn the craft. I figured with travel time and a two-hour class twice a week it would make the week go faster. I still remember after all of these years some of the assignments and lessons in the darkroom, mainly because it was documented by photographs. So since the 80’s I have used photos for framing, scrapbooking and gifting. Now I take pictures of Real Estate, sunsets, and my granddaughter – forever trying to get that one great shot.


These recent photography field trips made me step outside the box.


Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzaners Stallions of Austria




























Sarasota Jungle Gardens

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Lowry Park Zoo