On your mark, Get set, Wait to Remodel your Kitchen

Welcome to my personal journey of choosing to remodel my 1951 Beach Bungalow. Six years ago, my landlord approached me to purchase the home I had just moved all my stuff into that she now wanted to sell. Of course, I didn’t want to move again, and I loved the LOCATION. So with much contemplation and consultations with builders, architects, designers, decorators over the last six years, I am now officially in permitting for my kitchen remodel.  I have already done a few upgrades, the first being Central Airconditioning, New Windows, minus a couple of windows, paint, and sidewalk, and patio pavers.  The permitting process is complicated, so it’s best to have a contractor familiar with the City, County, and in my case, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) regulations, policies, and procedures.
The first hickup was an application to FEMA directly, notarized. Currently, the plans have been resubmitted to FEMA to included a detailed list of supplies, labor, and material to be used on the remodel as not to exceed the 50% rule once this has been reviewed I’m hoping we will be ready to start DEMO.   The plans call for the removal of a major wall to increase the size of the kitchen.
50% Rule, the long story short, and how I understand and am now remodeling though is you may not improve your at-risk structure 50% above the Property Appraisers recorded value. So with the high cost of remodeling, materials, and labor updates can only be made in baby steps.
I’m excited to share this process and will post pictures along with challenges and rewards.