2018 Red Tide News


When you live, work and breath during Red Tide in Sarasota you try to redirect your energy.  You spending more time indoors tidying up loose ends, meeting friends at the UTC Mall for lunch or walking around downtown after dinner instead of on the beach.  Or, take a vacation like I just did and find out that the heat wave is killing fish in Italy due to the lack of oxygen in the river and canal waterways.  So it’s not just the Florida Gulf Coast it is Global.

Don’t get me wrong it is terrible and you can make a difference.  Helping in local clean ups and get out and vote.  Research the candidates.  http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20180807/2018-florida-primary-candidate-profiles

The City and County are taking measures to clean it up the beaches, and the locals pitch in too.  We just had a Lido Beach Clean up dead fish and all.

Here are some Red Tide updates to keep you in the loop.  Please share and don’t stop supporting the local economy.

Red Tide on Florida’s Gulf Coast